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        It is with great sorrow that we note the passing of the original Bass player of Bill Haley and the Comets. The man who actually recorded the biggest hits including "Rock Around The Clock" and so many others Marshall Lytle.     

Marshall Lytle, the Original Mr. Bass man, and last original member alive who worked with our group created the moves and sounds that became the trademarks of all the bass players who followed.  

After the original group was disbanded in the 50s Bill Haley used over 200 sidemen to play on his subsequent jobs. Many claim to have been much more important than the menial sideman slot they filled. There are even some who only played on occasional jobs yet claim long tenure with the band and say they created routines that Marshall and the original Bill Haley and the Comets developed in their early years..

    Bill Haley’s Comets. Trademark Reg #1,522,126. 


BILL HALEY and his COMETS first burst onto the music scene in the early 1950's and were one of the earliest groups of white musicians to bring rock and roll to the attention of white America and the rest of the world. With Haley’s signature split curl haircut and the band’s matching plaid dinner jackets and super energetic stage presence, many fans consider them to be as revolutionary in the 1950’s as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were in the 1960’s.

In 1955, BILL HALEY and his COMETS “Rock Around The Clock” was featured in the smash teen movie “Blackboard Jungle” catapulting the song to #1. The Comets themselves starred in two of the first ever movies about the rock music revolution titled “Rock Around The Clock” and “Don’t Knock The Rock”. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, The Comets toured the world, performed for Queen Elizabeth II and were featured regularly on “Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.” BILL HALEY and his COMETS continued cranking out hit after hit for their fans including “See Ya Later, Alligator” “Rip It Up” “Rock the Joint” and “Crazy Man Crazy”. The Comets received a huge career resurgence in the 1970’s when their music was featuring prominently in the movie “American Graffiti” and the hugely popular TV show “Happy Days”.

In the 21st Century, BILL HALEY’S COMETS live performances feature the same high energy and raucous rockabilly sound the band has always been famous for. After Bill's passing in 1981 the band kept performing under the direction of Drummer John "Bam Bam" Lane. Bill Haley's Comets are now lead by long time Comet and lead vocalist Lenny Longo. According to Longo, their “mission is to keep the Comets music and tradition alive with an enthusiasm that would have made Bill very proud of the current Bill Haley's Comets and as long as I can perform this band will will be a living tribute to the true founder of the phenomonon known as Rock and Roll.” .

With fans from 1 to 100 BILL HALEY’S COMETS continue to perform over 100 shows a year at theatres, clubs, fairs and casinos all over the world for rock and roll fans of all ages. The response to their energetic live performances and hit packed live show is always fantastic, with standing ovations and screams for encore after encore.

If You'd Like a Full Show (fairs,longer concerts Casinos Nightclubs etc) Please click Comets Rock & Roll Full Show page.Here you can get a full show featuring Bill Haley's Comets with Lenny Longo and more variety and excitment.


Bill Haley and The Comets were the first Rock and Roll Band

To have a Rock & Roll million seller

To recieve a Gold Record Award

To have a World Tour

To have an English Million Seller

To Star in a movie

To appear on national TV

White Rock & Roll band to tour with all black supporting artists

Plus dozens of other ground breaking firsts, taking much of the opposition and opening up the recording business for all of the Rock & Rollers who have followed

Bill Haley's Comets Rock & Roll Show Featuring Lenny Longo

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK ---over 100 million units sold--#1 for 8 weeks in 1955 and charted in the top 40 again in 1974..Theme song for Happy Days..Featured in dozens of movies including Black Board Jungle, American Grafitti, Rock Around The Clock, Superman II, Karate Kid II, Bull Durham, Indiana Jones and many more. The Youngest generation Watches Goofy, Donald and Mickey sing Rock Around The Clock, Shake Rattle and Roll and See You Later Alligator in their own Videos on the Disney Channel.

Shake Rattle and Roll---15 million sold to date and still selling

See You Later Alligator---10 million sold and the origin of a phrase thats still used.








and Many Many Many more



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 Lenny Longo.


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